Get PrEP

Where can I get PrEP?

PrEP must be prescribed by a medical provider. If you have a provider, you can ask them about starting PrEP. If you need a provider, or want a provider that already prescribes PrEP, use the resources below to find someone. Below is a list of resources to get connected with PrEP and other related services.

For transgender and gender non-conforming individuals who qualify, PrEP can be provided for participation in one of our PrEP research studies.

Working With Your Current Provider

If you already have a regular provider, talking to them about PrEP can be a good first step. Below are some resources that can help.

If your provider refuses to prescribe PrEP, use the following resources for help.

Find a Provider in San Diego

Gay Men’s Health Services

Gay Men’s Health Services is a program run by the Family Health Centers of San Diego to provide HIV testing and treatment, STI education, as well as general health care throughout San Diego County. To contact, call 619-876-4462 or visit to get more information.

Be the Generation

#BeTheGeneration is a campaign run by the LGBT Center in San Diego. With a goal of eliminating new cases of HIV by 2024, #bethegeneration campaign provides testing and information in finding PrEP providers at

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Under the HIV, STD, and Hepatitis Branch, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency provides health care services and information. To access PrEP visit, Or call: 619-293-4700.

North County- Connect

Connect is a program through the Vista Community Clinic that connects individuals to PrEP. To contact Connect visit: Or call: 760-631-5000 ext. 7000.

North County LGBTQ Resource Center

The North County LGBTQ Resource Center provides services, support, and resources to LGBTQ individuals living in North County, San Diego. They also provide resources for connecting to PrEP providers in the North County area. To find providers in North County, visit:

Planned Parenthood (of Pacific Southwest)

Planned Parenthood provides a various health care services and connections to community resources. To connect with PrEP through Planned Parenthood, visit:

San Ysidro Health

San Ysidro Health provides a variety of health care services dedicated to providing affordable care to the San Ysidro community. To connect with San Ysidro Health visit, . Or call: 619-662-4100 to make an appointment.

UC San Diego AntiViral Research Center

UC San Diego AntiViral Research Center (AVRC) provides HIV testing and education. In addition, the AVRC is committed to research to improve HIV related health care. For more information about the AVRC and services provided, visit:

The AVRC also conducts research studies, some of which provide access to PrEP. For more information and to inquire about studies you may be eligible for, visit:

Find a Provider Near You

Please PrEP Me

Visit for an interactive map to find PrEP providers near you. At this time, PleasePrepMe only has resources for providers within the United States, but is working on compiling international resources.

To find resources by state, visit:

Find a Provider Online

Please PrEP me has information and links to find doctors of PrEP that use telemedicine (connect over the phone or online) to prescribe PrEP. For details about these services, visit:

Telemedicine providers of PrEP include:

The resources above connect you to a doctor that can prescribe PrEP and can mail your medication directly to you or to your local pharmacy.

Online pharmacies that deliver PrEP to certain cities include:

(please note, Alto requires you to already have a prescription for PrEP from your provider).

When obtaining assistance online, verify any insurance coverage and costs prior to service. Also make sure your health information is protected by using a secure network.

Financial Assistance

Most insurances will cover the cost of PrEP. If you need assistance is affording PrEP or care related to PrEP, check the following resources to see if you are eligible.


For those living in California, you may be eligible for the California PrEP Assistance Program (PrEP-AP). Please PrEP Me has an infograph that explains the program and how to apply.

To learn more visit:

To access PrEP-AP website directly, visit:

United States

Gilead provides assistance with co-pays and other costs through The Gilead Advancing Access® Program. The program provides assistance to obtain financial support and support in getting insurance coverage. For more information, visit: