Quick Facts

  • PrEP uses Truvada® (FTC-TDF), an FDA-approved antiretroviral medication, to prevent HIV infection
  • PrEP should only be taken by people who are HIV-negative
  • Taking PrEP does not mean that you are 100% protected from getting infected with HIV
  • PrEP should not replace other safer sex practices, such as condom use
  • PrEP does not prevent other sexually transmitted infections
  • PrEP should only be taken with the support of a health care provider
  • Taking PrEP includes getting routine blood tests done
  • You may have side effects from taking PrEP

Before starting PrEP >>>

  • Have a thorough and honest talk about your sexual activity and HIV risk with a health care provider
  • Get an HIV test Test for hepatitis B, kidney function and sexually transmitted infections